Various researches had shown the wonderful affect of bright color on our eyes and mind. Especially the color that is the beauty of the sun, is considered more pleasing for the human mood. Besides, there are fruits and vegetables that are yellow in color, mostly called “yellow fruits and vegetables”, which greatly improves our physical and mental health. These fruits and vegetables contain carotenoids, that function as antioxidants in the body. Vitamin C is very much important for the healing processes of the body. And these vegetables and fruits are the banks of Vitamin C.

The proper functioning of our heart requires the right amount of energy. The functioning of our immune system, digestive system, and various other kinds of metabolic processes occurring in our body requires energy, and yellow fruits and vegetables are the most energy-giving foods.

A list of some yellow fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are generally considered the most nutrients giving food substances. They contain various vitamins. Vitamins are not prepared by our body, that’s why they are to be made part of our food on a daily basis, and fruits and vegetables are the good sources of vitamins.

Some of the most common yellow fruits and vegetables are
  • Bananas
  • Lemon
  • Pumpkin
  • Mangoes
  • Corn

1: Bananas

Bananas are generally considered the banks of vitamins. Banana contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B, C, and E. Amino acids make up the proteins.  Proteins are those nutrients that help our body to build up our muscles and help us to grow. Proteins are made from amino acids, and a banana contains amino acids. Banana contains Vitamin B6, which plays an important role in keeping our skin elastic. Banana is also considered a moisturizer. That’s why it is highly recommended by dermatologists for the purpose of skincare.

 Banana also contains antioxidants that prevent fast aging of our body.

2: lemon

Lemons are vital sources of Vitamin C. They also contain citric acid. Almost 31 % of Vitamin C is present in one lemon. Various kinds of researches have linked the lowering of cholesterol levels by eating a lemon. Lemon is often recommended by dietitians to include in the diet, for the purpose of weight loss. Lemon contains pectin fiber that is thought to be the best to reduce the appetite, thus contributing to eating less, and ultimately our body losses weight. The citric acid present in lemons helps in increasing the urine volume and urine PH, this helps in the protection against kidney stones.

3: Pumpkin

Pumpkin is also included in the list of yellow vegetables. There are lots of health benefits of eating pumpkin. Just like lemon, pumpkin also contains a rich amount of Vitamin C, and just like a banana, lemon is also a great source of antioxidants. Eating pumpkin also fulfills our water requirements of the body, as it contains almost 95% of water. The production of extensive free radicals results in the cause of cancer and various other kinds of heart diseases. Eating pumpkin also reduces its production due to the presence of antioxidants.

4: Mangoes

As mentioned above, there are countless benefits of yellow fruits and vegetables, mango is also one of those yellow fruits. The ultraviolet radiation of the sun causes skin cancer and various other kinds of skin diseases. The presence of Vitamin A in the mango protects our skin from UV radiation and keeps our skin healthy. There are certain bacteria present inside our digestive tract, that are very useful for our body. Eating mango helps in feeding those bacteria’s, thus helping to maintain the mutualism between those bacteria and humans.

5: Corn

Corns are also yellow vegetables, that provide lots of health benefits apart from the satisfaction of hunger. Corn keeps our skin healthy. It is also used by practitioners for the purpose of making the skin glowy, as it contains different kinds of nutrients that help in the treatment of irritation, acne, and other skin problems and make our skin appear more attractive. Corns helps in the production of RBC in our body. Including corn in your diet is very much rewarding, if you have joined a gym. Corn acts as an energy-giving vegetable. One of the most important benefits of corn is that it provides energy for a longer time.

Benefits of yellow fruits and vegetables

As mentioned above, yellow fruits and vegetables are good sources of Vitamin C and various other Vitamins. Yellow fruits and vegetables are very beneficial for our body. Apart from yellow fruits and vegetables, common vegetables and fruits also bear great importance. Some of the most important benefits of eating yellow fruits and vegetables are given below along with their details.

  • Yellow fruits and vegetables contain a great number of Vitamins, the most important of which are Vitamin C and Vitamin A.
  • Yellow fruits are the banks of carotenoids.
  • They contain a lot number of antioxidants, that cause prevention against the free radicals as mentioned above.
  • Yellow fruits contain bioflavonoids that keep our skin healthy and prevents premature aging.
  •  Yellow fruits and vegetables are sometimes, good for losing weight.
  • Sometimes, it also contains potassium and manganese.
  • Yellow fruits and vegetables control blood pressure.
  • It also controls the blood cholesterol level, thus contributing to maintaining a healthy weight.
  • The most important benefit of eating yellow fruits and vegetables is that they boost our immune system and helps our body to fight diseases.

The ending lines

Fruits and vegetables, that are of any kind, are very important for your body. All fruits and vegetables play their best roles in performing their bodily functions. The use of yellow fruits and vegetables in our diet is nowadays, considered very much healthy in terms of Vitamins and other nutrients provision. Eating yellow fruits and vegetables is a new way recommended by nutritionists to eat healthily.