Terms And Condition

The terms and conditions apply to every user, that visits our blog “finehealths.com”. This agreement is between “you” on a personal base as well as anyone on behalf of “you” and our company’s Fine healths. By using our website you agree to all the terms and conditions that are mentioned here on this page. The terms and conditions for this website are created keeping in view, the Pakistani laws and regulations.

Any user is not allowed to republish, any of the blog articles. All of the intellectual property on Fine Healths belongs to its owner, and no image or text should be copied from here for commercial use. All the articles present on the website are for educational purposes and the website owner is not responsible for any use of the content for the purpose of any kind of harm or damage.

Age limit

This blog is made for the purpose of educating the masses to avoid any complications in emergency situations and can be used by anyone of any age. Being healthy must be the priority for both the youngers and the elders. Keeping in view the importance of being healthy, the blog owner gives everyone full authority to get guidance from here related to health. Users of any age are allowed to read the content of the blog and follow them in their lives. It was a time when only health professionals would treat the patients in emergencies. But due to today’s faster growth of the population, it seems quite difficult for the government to reach out to every person of society. Therefore, it’s a matter of great importance to cater to the spreading of health awareness in younger and older. That’s why the users of any age are allowed to read the content of the blog.

Use of our blog

The users are not allowed to use our blog content for any purpose of legal matters nor any kind of political purpose. We don’t give any authority to our visitors to run any kind of campaign from the perspective of our mission statement using our name “Fine Healths”. All rights of the blog belong to the owner only and none of its articles are to be republished or redistributed by any means, without seeking official permission from the blog owner. Any step was taken in any legal matter using our name “Fine Healths” will be highly criticized. The users are fully permitted to make good changes to the facts and statistics of our articles by contacting us. This will help to improve our workings and make our articles more authentic and useful for the other users. All the content published on the blog “Fine Healths” is published after deal researches, so we ensure our users that there would be no error in the facts, statistics, and the information we provide.

The legal base of our blog

Our blog “Fine Healths” is created, keeping in view the laws and regulations of Pakistan and the international laws. We guarantee every service to be according to the book and highly discourage the promotion of any kind of immoral activities. Therefore, every article is written following international laws and as well as Pakistani laws and our purpose is clear “ The creation of health awareness among the members of society”, as mentioned in our mission statement.