Neem oil is extracted from the fruits and seeds of the neem plant, mostly found in Asian countries. There are a lot of benefits of neem oil in terms of hair and skin health. Apart from its benefits in hairs and skin, neem oil is also considered very effective in crop protection against pesticides. Neem oil has been marked as a universal curer by the ancient Ayurvedic texts. Neem the oil contains a sufficient amount of calcium, antioxidants, Vitamin E, fatty acids, and some other essential nutrients for better and healthier hair growth.

According to research, neem oil is considered very effective in the treatment of various kinds of skin and hair issues.  Among them, is dandruff, one of the major hair problems that are at the peak nowadays. Various studies have shown the importance of neem oil in getting rid of lice. Therefore, the benefits of neem oil for hairs can’t be ignored.

Some important benefits of neem oil

Neem has been the center of focus by various cultures, as something that can treat skin problems as well as hair problems. Some of the important benefits of neem oil described by nutritionists in this regard are,

  • Neem oil helps in faster and healthier hair growth
  • Neem oil prevents our hairs against dryness and can be a wonderful alternative to the conditioners.
  • Neem oil repairs damaged parts of our scalp and hairs.
  • Neem oil helps in the healing of wounds on the scalp.

1: helps in healthier growth of hairs

Neem oil contains a sufficient amount of Vitamin C, which is very essential for the recovering processes of our body I.e. healing and repairing. Neem oil plays a very important role in the regeneration of hairs at a faster rate, contributing to the health of our hairs. Applying neem oil to hair makes our hairs pretty much thicker and stronger than before. The presence of Vitamin C also helps in the curing of problems related to scalp. So if you want thicker and stronger hairs, neem oil can be the best thing to be used.

2: Can be used instead of a conditioner

Going somewhere with dry hair may seem very odd to you. Generally, we apply conditioners to our hairs to avoid dryness and appear more attractive. But there can be some side effects of conditioners, depending upon which type is suitable for your scalp and which one is unsuitable. In this case, if you are looking for some best alternative to conditioner, using neem oil can be the best option for you, due to the presence of stearic acid and other kinds of fatty acids.

3: Neem oil helps in curing of minor wounds In scalp

One of the best benefits of neem oil is its faster curing rate. Sometimes, when your head gets injured, using methylated spirit can be very painful. During this situation, you can also use neem oil as an alternative to the spirit. Neem oil contains antiseptic properties, that make it the best to be used for healing purposes.

4: Neem oil repairs damaged hairs

Neem oil can be very effective in the repairing of damaged hairs and the scalp. Just make a mixture of neem oil and coconut oil or any other kind of oil that you prefer. Apply the mixture to hairs and leave for some time. After that, rinse your hair and continue the process for a few more days, to get the best result.

How to grow your hairs using neem oil

Well, after discussing the benefits of neem oil, let’s come towards our favorite topic, that is how you can use neem oil to get thicker, healthier, and stronger hairs along with their faster growth. Neem oil gives nourishment to the hair follicles causing the hairs to grow at a higher rate.

Instructions for using neem oil to grow your hairs

To use neem oil for hair growth, just follow the steps given below.

  • Take half a teaspoon of neem oil.
  • Take almost three tablespoons of coconut oil or another kind of your favorite oil.
  • Now mix the coconut oil and neem oil for a while.
  • After that, wait for a few minutes and then apply the mixture to your hairs and scalp.

Make the above steps, part of your daily routine, if you want to grow your hair at a faster rate. Applying neem oil along with coconut oil to the scalp can be very much rewarding in terms of growth and repairing of hairs. But before you go for applying the mixture to all of your hairs, you should conduct a patch test to know if you are having any kind of sensitivity to the hairs.

To conduct a patch test, apply a small amount of the mixture to your forearm. Cover your forearm for some hours. After that, remove the cover and check, if there is any kind of redness or if your skin is irritating. If this happens avoid using the mixture of neem oil and coconut oil. Try some other alternatives.

Other benefits of neem oil

Apart from being the best hair conditioner and the best hair treatment medicine, neem oil has also lots of benefits in terms of skincare. Neem oil is present in different kinds of cosmetics, shampoos, creams, and lotions, etc. Neem oil also reduces inflammation if applied to the skin. Neem oil can also be used very effectively in the treatment of death plaque. Nutritionists high recommend neem oil to be used as an alternative to other creams, that you might be allergic to.

The ending words

Since ancient times, neem oil has been associated with the treatment of hairs and skin problems. Neem oil greatly protect the scalp from being damaged and cure any kind of hair and skin issues. Our hairs can only grow at a faster rate in a healthy way if gets proper nutrition and those nutrients are better provided by neem oil. The benefits of neem oil for thicker, stronger, and longer hairs are undeniable.