Jasmine rice, along with rice type, that is mostly grown in Asian countries. Thailand is considered the center of jasmine rice production. It is also founded in Vietnam, Laos, and countries like Cambodia. Globally, it is considered the best quality of rice. China is generally considered the largest consumer of rice in the world. According to the statistics from 2019 to 2020, the total consumption of rice in China was more than 143 m metric tons.

The taste of jasmine rice is sweat and is much stickier than long-grain rice. It comes in two types, white and brown. It usually contains a higher number of calories and can be used in making biryani or any other dish that is your favorite.

Benefits of jasmine rice

Jasmine rice due to the presence of a higher amount of carbohydrates and iron is considered very healthy to be consumed. There are countless benefits of jasmine rice. Some of those are given below.

1: Presence of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are included in the jasmine rice, the most needed nutrients for the body. Carbohydrates provide our body with the daily energy required to carry out our bodily functions. Carbohydrates are needed by the body for the processes of circulation, transfer of nerve impulse, proper functioning of the brain, and muscle movement.

Carbohydrates also help in digestion and keep the blood cholesterol level under control. The absence of carbohydrates causes weakness in the body, fatigue, headaches, nausea, and also constipation. Jasmine rice is providing us the benefits of carbohydrates, thus helping us to stay healthy.

2: Presence of iron in jasmine rice

Almost 14 % of the required iron by men’s bodies 6 % of required by female bodies is fulfilled by one serving of jasmine rice. Iron plays an important role in building up the immunity and helps our body to prepare against diseases. Iron also helps to regulate thermoregulation in the body. Iron helps in carrying the oxygen to the brain and the muscles.

The daily amount of iron we consume is used up during our activities. If someone I living an active life, he /she should increase the iron intake in his diet. Jasmine rice is very beneficial in terms of providing iron to our bodies.

3: Jasmine rice fight the cancer

Cancers are the results of the irregular type of cell division in the body. Old cells are constantly replaced by new cells through cell division. Due to certain problems in the human body, old cells sometimes, do not die and their size is increased. This irregular working of cells causes cancer. Jasmine rice helps to protect our body from different types of cancers, including neck, head, and breast cancer.

4: Fight against the free radicals

The formation of free radicals is very bad for our health. Free radicals make our skin and body appear aged. These are a kind of unstable atoms. Free radicals are actually those atoms that have their outermost shell not completed and haven’t reacted with another atom, thus reacting with other substances. Whenever the oxygen molecule is broken down, it contains in pair electrons that damage our cells. Jasmine rice helps our body to fight against free radicals, which Is also one of the greatest benefits of Jasmine rice.

Comparison of jasmine rice and white rice

Though both are the types of rice, that’s why shows lots of similarities. Still, others are slight differences between both of them. In white rice, the inner core, outer layer, and its protective shell are removed. Jasmine rice is also prepared using this method. Jasmine rice contains more amount of calories than in white rice. The total calories present in 140 grams of white rice are 160, while the total calories present in the same amount of jasmine rice are 181.

Their appearance and smell are a little bit different from each other. The grains of jasmine rice is longer than that of white rice. Jasmine rice comes in a variety of colors like, black, purple, red, brown, and white. On the other hand, white rice has an only white color.

Benefits of rice water

Once you cook the rice, the water that is left at the end is called rice water. Rice water has been used for thousands of years for the purpose of skincare and solving hair problems. Japan considered being a country where there is a great trend of using rice water for hair and skin. Rice water enlightens our skin. Sometimes, rice water is also used in cosmetics. According to research in 2013, rice water prevents our skin against the damage caused by the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. In short rice, water has lots of benefits related to skin and hair.


Due to the abundance of carbohydrates and iron in jasmine oil, it is considered one of the most healthy types of rice. The main thing that makes it more important is, its protection of our body against free radicals and cancer. Cancer is one of the greatest diseases, that is mostly incurable but jasmine rice provides us protection against it.