Green tea originated in China, in 2737 BC. After its discovery, this tea was used by Chinese monks, as a refreshment drink. Later on green tea spread in other countries of Asia including the Indian subcontinent and other Asian countries. The advent of green tea in Asian countries triggered the minds of traditional doctors to find some new ways so green tea can be used as an alternative to other kinds of herbal and chemical medicines. They got success in their aim and green tea was being used for the treatment of various diseases.

According to research green tea contains catechin, that provides protection against cancer. This tea is also associated with the treatment of various kinds of heart diseases. Green tea is an anti-aging and antioxidant substance.

Instructions for making the perfect green tea

You will be wondering, how you can make green tea? that is perfect from every aspect. In this article, I am not going to tell you about some magical spells, to make your tea perfect. But I will give you some amazing tips to know, how you can make a perfect green tea? Their various kinds of methods to prepare green tea.  In the above paragraphs we have discussed the history and benefits of green tea, but now its time to make the tea practically.

1: Making green tea using the leaves technique


The following are the requirements for the preparation of green tea using the leaves method.

  • Some leaves of green tea
  • Some amount of water, depending upon the amount of tea you want to make. Just make sure to add an extra cup of water to the total number of cups you want to prepare.
  • A pot.


Now, if you have completed the above requirements, just follow the steps below to prepare green tea

  • First of all, take some water in the pot. The water should be slightly more than the total number of cups you want to prepare.
  • Now add some leaves of green tea to the water.
  •  Put the pot containing water on the stove.
  • Let the water boil for a while.
  • After that, when the water along with green tea starts boiling add some amount of sugar or honey to the tea, to make it a little sweeter and enjoyable.

After you have completed the above steps, your green tea is ready to serve.

2: Making tea using the tea bags technique

Another popular method of the preparation of green tea is using a teabag Use only those tea bags that are not prepared from bleached materials.


To prepare green tea using the tea bag technique you will require the following things.

  • A cup of water.
  • A teabag.
  • A stainless pot.


After you have gathered the above requirements, follow the given instruction to prepare a perfect green tea.

  • Pour the water in the stainless pot.
  • Put the pot containing water on the stove and boil it below 100 degrees CE degrees.
  • Pour the hot water in a cup.
  • Now, put the teabag in the hot cup of water and cover the top.
  • Leave the hot water containing the teabag for about three to four minutes.
  • Now, remove the cover from the cup and enjoy your favorite tea, prepared using the teabag technique.

Health benefits of green tea

There are lots of health benefits associated with including green tea in your diet. Green tea can be very effective in terms of treatments of respiratory disorders like common cold etc. It can also be used to treat different kinds of heart diseases and mental problems. Nutritionists belonging to different parts of the world has labeled green tea as one of the best anti-cancer substance. Green tea largely helps in the prevention and treatment of various kinds of cancers. The following are some important health benefits of green tea.

1: Helps in weight loss

Just like coffee, you can also consume green tea for the purpose of weight loss. Green tea works on the same principles of coffee, in terms of weight loss. Green tea increases the metabolism of our body, which in turn requires more energy. This energy is provided by the food we eat. In these conditions when we reduce the amount of food intake and increase green tea consumption, we experience weight loss.

2: Protection against brain diseases

Taking green can also protect us against various kinds of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Both diseases affect our brains very badly. One of the best health benefits of green tea is that it protects against brain aging, which is nowadays, a common problem emerging in the European countries.

3: Protection against diabetes

Diabetes is caused when the sugar level of our blood increases to such an extent that it becomes part of our lives. Today almost every one of ten members of the United States is suffered from diabetes. According to doctors, green tea can be helpful in protecting against diabetes.


Making green tea requires nothing more than some amount of water, green tea leaves or tea bags, a pot, and some minutes. Apart from its amazing taste green tea can prove very beneficial in cancer prevention and treatment of cardiac and respiratory diseases. Green tea can also be very effective in terms of losing weight.