How to make green tea taste good

Green tea is one of the healthy drink with lots of benefits. Do most people search on the internet on how to make green tea taste good? The reason for this kind of search is due to green tea bags taste.

Why does green tea taste bitter? 

Most of the people asked why green tea tastes bitter. The answer is that all kinds of reality give this odd taste when it is over-brewed. There are many kinds of chemical compounds present in Green teas. These compounds are chlorophyll, catechins, caffeine, and many others which make green tea taste bitter on over-brewed.

how long should green tea brew? 

Green tea is so dedicated that it should be steam for less than 2 or 3 minutes. Most people make the common mistake that brewing green tea for a long time and tell they steep it in hot water.

According to cooking experts, there is an exact temperature that it is helpful for all green tea lovers. Green tea must be steam at the time of 3 minutes to 40 seconds at the temperature of between 165°F to 185°F -74°C to 85°C.

Top 10 ways to make green tea taste good

1) Use filtered and quality strainer water 

Always use filtered and pure water to make green tea. Water contains many types of minerals which can alter the taste of green tea with natural minerals found in green tea. Minerals found in water and green tea sometimes counteract and can produce pungent taste while drinking. Always use a cup of purified water to make fresh brew green tea.

2) Add mint or lemon juice 

Mint and lemon juice are also the best choice of how to make green tea flavor and taste good. According to researchers from Purdue, they found an incredible change in the number of available catechins when citrus juices mixed into green tea. They increase vitamin C at a high level which is beneficial for our health.

You can also use other kinds of juices along with lemon juice such as orange and grapefruit juices. A little piece of mint is also so good to make delicious green tea flavor.

3) Use the right amount of tea 

If you are drinking and eating something amount matters. According to experts, 6 ounces of water with 2 grams of fresh green tea leaves is a better choice to make a perfect green teacup. If you are using green tea leaves more than 2 grams of the ratio of you will notice the distinct taste.

4) Always use loose leaf tea instead of Teabags 

If you want to taste green tea with good flavor then you have to use loose leaf tea instead of using any kind of teabags. All kinds of packing materials contain dust and other harmful materials. Teabags contain different types of dust and other chemicals that can change the color and taste of the green tea faster.

5) Ginger Green Tea 

Ginger Green Tea is another best idea to make your stressful day amazing and better. By adding small pieces of Ginger in green tea will give your health benefits such as better digestion, lose weight benefits, and more.

6) Use high-quality tea leaves 

You will notice the better flavor and more good taste in high-quality leaves instead of Prepackage leave such as teabags. Due to several chemical reactions around tea bags, they can change the taste and flavor of green tea leaves.

7) Steep Tea at the right amount of time 

Always choose the right time and amount of water for green tea steep.2 Ounces of water with 2 to 3 minutes of steep is the perfect time to make green tea better.

According to food and Science specialists, antioxidant activities get more affected at high temperatures. Because of this reason, you have to make your tea at the proper and right time.

8) Green tea latte 

Green tea latte special type of green tea which consists of steamed milk instead of espresso milk. In this type of tea, coffee removed and tea replaced with it. Adding different types of milk ok in green tea make green tea taste smoother and amazing. We can use rice milk, coconut milk, almond milk in green tea.

9) Green tea with leaves and flowers 

To make green tea taste good flowers and leaves of different plants are also a good choice. Tulsi leaves earth taken from the aromatic plants which are found in Southeast Asia and India. These leaves have their power to make the flavor more amazing.

Most of the South Asian people use pre-flavored tulsi green tea. We can also use flowers and rose of different plants such as Hibiscus flowers and Rosehips fruits. They are rich in vitamin C and many other amazing minerals.

10) Adding fruit jam and natural juice 

Natural juice and fruit jam can also be used in green tea. I know fruit jam sounds surprising to be used in green tea but you can get fruit-flavored green tea by using fruit jam.

Natural sugar juices such as citrus juices in lemon and other Joshi fruits are also can be used to make green tea taste good.