honey in coffee
honey in coffee

Is taking some sips of coffee daily, your favorite thing? So here is great t news for you. You can enjoy the coffee with a more sweaty taste. Add one or two teaspoons of honey to a cup of coffee and enjoy the sweet taste. When it comes to taking a sweet cup of coffee, we probably think of adding sugar. On the other hand, honey is the best alternative to sugar. Sugar is mostly called white poison by doctors and nutritionists due to the high amount of calories that are present in it. Besides being a taste sweetener, honey is also the best metabolism-boosting agent.

Due to the presence of glucose in honey, honey can be easily digested and absorbed by the body, as compared to sugar. The digestion and absorption of sugar take a little more time than that of honey.

Benefits of honey in coffee

The following are some of the important benefits of taking honey in coffee.

  • Treatment of diseases
  • honey is sweeter than sugar
  • honey doesn’t cause diabetes
  • honey helps in digestion
  • honey is anti-bacterial
  • honey in coffee can be anti-cancer
  • honey enhance the taste of coffee

1: Treatment of diseases

Honey and coffee are being used combined by different societies for a very long time. There are lots of benefits that are associated with mixing honey in coffee, instead of using sugar. Mixing honey with coffee protect our body from various kinds of diseases due to the presence of antioxidants In honey and as well as in coffee, so the combination of both of them can be very beneficial in terms of health.

During the years of 20 From 08 to 2011, research was conducted in Baqiyatallah hospital in Iran. According to that research taking coffee along with honey mixed in it can be used to treat persistent post-infectious cough, generally called PPC. It is a severe form of common respiratory cough which extends up to weeks and sometimes, even months.

2: honey is sweeter than sugar

As mentioned above, honey contains fructose, which is much sweeter than sucrose present in white sugar. Honey provides more amount of nutrients as compared to nutrients present in sugar. Honey contains a number of vitamins including vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin A, which are very necessary for normal metabolic functions of our body.

3: honey doesn’t cause diabetes

The glycemic impact of honey is much lower than that of honey on the GI scale. The glycemic impact of honey is almost 19, while that of sugar is 60. Adding sugar to coffee is not recommended for the patients of diabetes, but adding honey to coffee is always recommended in most of the diseases. So you can enjoy the sweet taste of honey along with coffee without becoming sick.

4: honey helps in digestion

One of the major benefits of honey is that it protects the stomach from ulcers. It solves various other kinds of digestive problems. Taking a cup of Coffers along with honey can help the intestines to work more efficiently. The prebiotics that is present in honey helps in the break down of many kinds of food substances, proving the importance of honey in coffee.

5: honey is anti-bacterial

The antibacterial properties of honey make it best for treating diseases caused by bacteria. E Coli is a bacteria that can cause disease in human beings can be compared to honey. Even some cultures consider honey far better than any kind of natural medicine.

6: honey in coffee can be anti-cancer

According to the research of 2008, cancer had become a leading death-causing disease in the world. It has been estimated that there are almost 12 million cases of cancer in the world. Today carcinogenic substances are used all over the world. Carcinogens are those substances that cause cancer in the body and disrupt the normal cell division occurring in our bodies. Those abnormal cells are called cancerous cells.

Honey is considered to be one of the best immunity boosters. During cancer, the patient feels weak and less able to become as healthy as before. In this condition, apart from using medicines and other treatments, it is mostly considered crucial to use honey, in order to boost immunity, causing the death of cancerous cells and protection from this death causing disease in the future.

7: honey enhance the taste of coffee

There Are some people who, avoid coffee due to its taste. But here is the best thing that can be added to make your sips sweeter, and that is adding honey in coffee. Taking coffee have lots of health benefits but mixing honey with it will increase its value, and you will enjoy the combined taste of both honey and coffee in a very better way.


Adding honey in a cup of coffee is a wonderful thing you can do to make your day. You can take coffee along with honey in your breakfast also, but that’s not much recommended. Take honey separately, without adding in coffee in your breakfast, because you will need a little high-calorie breakfast to be energetic and efficient for the whole day