The terms fast food vs healthy food can be defined in a different sense. Fast foods include those foods that can be eaten along the way. Fast foods are prepared in the restaurants, making speed the priority. Those people who are busier in their lives, find it more difficult to wait for the whole meal and that’s the actual purpose of the production of fast foods by restaurants. According to the statistics of 2018, a net worth of fast food industries in the world reached five hundred seventy billions of dollars. This huge figure shows the exponential growth of the production of fast foods in the modern era.

Fast food includes mainly those foods that can be eaten even when you are in a hurry. Some fast foods include sandwiches, ice – cream, chicken nuggets, onion rings, fried chicken and hamburgers. While on the other hand, healthy foods are those foods which make health the priority rather than speed.

Comparison of fast food and healthy food

1 : Nutrition

Fast foods mainly contain more amount of fats and added sugar and the nutrients are very low, as compared to nutrients present in healthy food. Healthy foods like vegetables and fruits even though provide less number of calories but they are better than fast foods in terms of nutrition. Eating fast foods can cause obesity and increase cholesterol level. In contrast, healthy foods combat obesity and heart diseases.

2 : Fast foods contain too much salt

In order to give a spicy flavour to fast foods, a large number of different salts are added. These large amounts of salts badly damage our health. The normal size of the burger contains 1000 mg of sodium. Higher blood pressure act as the stimulation for causing cardiovascular diseases and this large amount of salts increases blood pressure at the greater rate while, if you take healthy food made in your homes you can add salt according to your needs, suitable for your health.

3 : Fast foods do not contain vegetables

Vegetables are the most important to your health. They increase the size of our meals without increases the number of calories. Vegetables contains the best amount of vitamins like vitamin A, B, C, D, and K. Vitamins are very essential for our normal bodily functions. They aren’t prepared by our body, so must be included in our diet. Different vitamins have different functions.

Some functions of vitamins are

  • Vitamin A helps in the functioning of the retina.
  • Vitamin A also helps in the strengthening of the immune system.
  • Vitamin D helps in the formation of bones and teeth.
  • Vitamin C helps in immunity against diseases and also heal our wounds.
  • Vitamin E controls premature ageing.

Keeping in view the above important points, the importance of vegetables for our body is undeniable. There should be plenty of vegetables and fruits in our diet, while fast foods mostly lack vegetables. On the other hand, healthy food contains every that food item that is necessary for our health, including the vegetables and fruits.

Effect of fast food on humans

The terms junk food and fast food usually take the same, but there is some difference between both the terms. Junk food refers to those food items that are highly processed. They are made for the main purpose of its taste. They contain mostly more amount of calories than nutrients. On the hand, fast foods also give the same meaning, but it differs from junk food in its purpose of preparation. Fast foods are mostly prepared to consume a lesser amount of time than the time to eat the meal.

Fast foods have many bad effects on our body. It can cause diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, obesity, cancer and in some cases it can also cause death. According to research eating more amount of fast foods can cause the reduction of the function of our body’s muscles in the conversion of glucose to energy.

What are some natural foods for good health?

All those food items which contain proper nutrients, as required per body needs are called healthy foods. Natural foods can also be linked to healthy food as they contain a proper amount of nutrients and helps our body to function properly. Natural foods provide carbohydrates, proteins and fats in a proper amount.

Natural foods include

  • Natural foods include eggs that are vital sources of proteins and as well as fats. According to research eating eggs seven times per weak reduces the risk of heart diseases to a greater extent.
  • Nuts are also part of natural food items. They contain fats. They also contain omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fats.
  • Chicken is another example of a natural food item required for sound health. Chicken contains proteins. Chicken also contains vitamin B complex.

Important tips to eat healthy food

Eating healthy food is as much important as avoiding processed junk food. However, you can consume fast foods but make it as much low as possible, as these food items can only cause disease and nothing else, so better to use them only for flavour, for a certain moment in a long time. Below are some important tips to eat healthy food.

Include white vegetables in your diet

Those vegetables which are white in colour are mostly called white vegetables. White vegetable includes mushrooms, white corns, onions, potato etc. White vegetables are considered effective in the reduction if cholesterol level and blood pressure control, which in turns reduces the risk of heart diseases. These vegetables also reduce the risk of cancer.

Avoid high calorie breakfast

In the morning time, our body needs more energy to work for the rest of the day. That energy is obtained from the total number of calories we consume. Getting high-calorie breakfast may seem more energy-giving, but it may proof harmful to some extent. High-calorie breakfast can cause obesity and various other kinds of problems. So better to take breakfast having a moderate amount of calories to stay healthy.

Drink plenty of water

70 % of our body contains water. Our blood contains water. Even every metabolic activity needs water to perform efficiently. Drinking five to eight glasses of water per day keeps us fresh and active. Drinking plenty of water reduces extensive appetite, so we have control over our eating. Water helps our body in the removal of waste substances from the body through sweating.


If we go through the advantages of healthy food, we will find them very beneficial for our body. So better to take advantageous food items in your diet rather than taking any kind of disadvantageous and disease-causing food items like fast foods and junk foods. These highly processed food items can do nothing more than the creation of a problem in your body. So you should mostly, if not always, avoid eating fast food items to be healthy and active.