According to the standard nutrition, that is mostly recommended by the nutritionists and doctors, consuming a diet that contains 2000 calories per day is best for the normal functioning of our bodies. However, you can increase or decrease the amount of daily calorie intake according to your gender, age, and lifestyle. The right amount of calories to be consumed per day also depends upon the height of your body. Women need almost 1600 to 2400 calories a day, while a normal calorie intake of men ranges from 2000 to 3000 calories a day.

The right amount of calorie consumption also depends upon your lifestyle. Those people who are more active in their lives need more calories per day to remain healthy and energetic.

Instructions for consuming 3000 calories a day

Generally, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins present in our diet are considered the sources of calories. If you want to increase the number of calories in your diet, you should focus on these three macronutrients, mentioned above. When one gram of protein or carbohydrate is fully oxidized, it provides us with four calories. On the other hand, one gram of fat provides our body with nine calories of energy. From this discussion, we can conclude that, if you eat more fats the chances are more that you will consume more amount of calories.

Taking a high-calorie diet can sometimes be quiet challenging when you eat foods that contain more nutrients but a low number of calories. If you want to eat 3000 calories a day, you should focus more on eating sweet food items, as they are considered the banks for the calories. You should not only consume high calorie food but also consume high nutrients containing foods. Now let’s come towards our main topic, which is eating 3000 calories a day. Just follow the given menu.

Breakfast menu

Taking a high-calorie breakfast can be rewarding in some cases. If you want to eat 3000 calories per day, you must give more time to your breakfast, than you give normally. Taking a high-calorie breakfast can help our body to remain active for the rest of the day. The amount of energy our body needs to perform it’s internal and external functions are obtained from the total number of calories we consume per day. However, in this menu, we will focus on eating 460 to 465 calories.

The breakfast calories are kept lower as compared to the lunch and dinner, to increase our urge for eating more calorie lunch. The breakfast menu is given below along its details.

  • Eat a sandwich in your breakfast. This will provide you almost 360 calories of energy.
  • Consume some 50 to 51 calories by taking vegetable juice in your breakfast.
  • Take cantaloupe that will provide you almost 54 calories.

Lunch menu

In a 3000 calorie diet, your lunch will be having more amount of calories as compared to breakfast and dinner. During your lunch, you have to consume 970 to 975 calories by following the menu given below.

  • Eat quesadilla to consume 650 calories.
  • Take a glass of milk to consume almost 122 calories.
  • Consume 200 calories by eating caramel along with Apple slices

Dinner menu

In dinner, you have to consume 650 to 655 calories. A 3000 calorie diet is most often for those people having an athletic type of lifestyle. Therefore, dinner of this diet also contains more amount of calories. To consume 3000 calories follow the given menu.

  • Consume 55 calories by taking spicy coleslaw.
  • Consume 243 calories by taking southwestern casserole.
  • Consume the remaining 355 calories by eating salsa and avocado with steak strips.

High-calories and weight gain

Consuming 3000 calories a day is obviously a high-calorie diet and can cause weight gain if you are not living an active life. This diet plan is usually for those people who are more active in their lives, so their energy requirements are more than normal people. However, this diet plan can also be used if your weight is not according to your BMI ( body mass index ).

Weight gain causes

Weight gain is mainly caused if the total calories we consume are not properly burned. The calories we take in our food are for the purpose of gaining energy to carry out our internal and external functions. If we take a high-calorie diet and do not have an active lifestyle, these calories will eventually result in weight gain. There are many causes of weight gain. Below here is a list of the most common causes of weight gain.

  • Taking more calories without burning them.
  • Eating junk food sometimes, also cause weight gain.
  • Some people are highly addicted to some foods having a sweet taste. These food items can also cause weight gain.
  • Some medicines like antidepressants s also contribute to the weight gain of our bodies.

According to research conducted in the United States in the years between 2013 and 2019, 23% of weight gain is caused by carbohydrates. The research was conducted on people between 18 to 80 years of age. Today, India is the leading country in the world in terms of sugar consumption. Sugar consumption in India had reached almost more than 27 million metric tons. According to a survey of 2014 and 2015, almost 41% of the global sugar is consumed by Asian countries. These statistics show the large usage of sweet food items in Asian countries.

The parting words

Consuming 3000 calories a day is a high-calorie diet. This diet plan should only be followed if you are either underweight or have an athletic lifestyle. Otherwise, you should consume almost 2000 calories per day. You can increase or decrease the total number of calories, according to your gender, age, and lifestyle. You should not ignore your weight, as it will be greatly increased by taking a high-calorie diet, without burning the calories. So you should always keep the balance between your weight and energy requirements.