Weight loss is a general solution to different kinds of cardiovascular diseases, fatty liver diseases, diseases related to kidney and many other kinds of long term and short term diseases. When it comes to weight loss keto diet is considered an effective way to reduce weight and gain health. Basically keto diet is a diet that focuses on low consumption of carbohydrates and high-fat consumption. Generally, yogurt is not considered better to be used for keto diet, as it contains lots of carbohydrates. The best yogurt for keto diet is plain Greek yogurt, which contains less amount of carbohydrates. It is a high protein food and very healthy for a keto diet.

Best yogurt for keto diet

The total energy to be used daily by our body is obtained mostly from carbohydrates but when carbohydrates are reduced, our body uses the stored fats to get energy and continue the metabolic processes in a normal way.

In this condition, our body will be in a state called ketosis. Most importantly you should also take care of the sweetness of yogurt. It should below to ensure a low number of carbohydrates and prove beneficial for keto diet. In a ketogenic diet, you have to make your body fuel itself using ketones and avoid carbohydrates. You shouldn’t quite yogurt during keto diet on the basis of a large number of carbohydrates.

yogurt also contains probiotics which are necessary for the proper functioning of the digestive tract by keeping a balance of good and bad bacteria present in the digestive tract of humans. Instead, you should use plain Greek yogurt which fulfils every requirement for keto diet i.e. low amount of carbs, high amount of fats and availability of probiotics, making it the best yogurt for keto diet.

Make your Greek yogurt at home

This low carb yogurt can be made easily and simply by following the recipe. Just heat up the milk up to 85-degree centigrade in a saucepan. Let the milk to cool down until it reaches 45-degree centigrade. Then add more milk and wait for almost four to eight hours for the best result and you will get thick yogurt, ready to use during the keto diet. Place that yogurt in the fridge for the time until it becomes as much thick as you desire and you will get your low carbs yogurt for your keto diet. For best result refrigerate for 8 to 24 hours.

Using sour cream during keto diet

Sour cream is prepared by fermentation of regular cream. It is formed by lactic acid production by bacterial fermentation. Sour cream is made by fermentation of cream while, yogurt is made by fermenting milk. And that is the main difference between both of them.  Sour cream and Greek yogurt have mostly the same texture. You can also use sour cream during keto diet instead of using plain Greek yogurt, as it contains a large number of fats and a lesser amount of carbohydrates. One tablespoon of sour cream contains 0.6 grams of carbs. Due to such less amount of carbs in sour cream, it is also best to be used during keto diet, instead of plain yogurt.

Sour cream nutrition

According to USDA, 29 grams of sour cream contains about 5.6 grams of fats ( 3 grams of fats are saturated, 1.3 are monounsaturated and 0.2 grams are polyunsaturated), 1.3 grams of carbohydrates and remaining are sugar, sodium and proteins. The total number of calories contained is 57.

Sour cream has a savoury taste and plain yogurt has a stronger flavour, having the same benefits of low carbs and high fats. So again, the best dairy product to be used during keto diet is plain Greek yogurt.

Nutritional benefits of Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt contains proteins and probiotics, which are very important for normal metabolism of your body. Probiotics are mostly present inside our intestines and help our digestive system to function properly. It also increases the efficiency of our immune system. Proteins transfer oxygen through the cell membranes. According to an estimate people who are above 60 years old needs more amount of proteins per day. Taking more proteins in your diet will reduce hunger, thus playing an important role in weight loss. Protein decreases the appetite level. Another reason for Greek yogurt is the best for keto diet is that it contains almost half amount of carbohydrates, as in regular yogurt.

Greek yogurt provides calcium to our body which is very important for bones, teeth and some bodily functions. Greek yogurt also contains some of the vitamins i.e. vitamin B12. Our body cannot prepare iodine naturally but they are required for the thyroid gland and its deficiency can lead to goitre disease ( swelling of the thyroid gland ). Greek yogurt is the best for providing iodine to our body

Reduce hunger

Plain Greek yogurt plays an important role in reducing hunger. It provides protein to the body and taking more proteins make us feel less hungry.

Boost mental health

Probiotics boost up our mental health. Mental well being is important along with physical well being. As plain Greek yogurt provides probiotics to our body, we are more relaxed and our mind is more healthy.

Role in skin care

Apart from weight loss plain Greek yogurt also plays its role in taking care of our skin. It contains vitamins B12, B2 and B6. Greek yogurt can also be used for removing acne. Just apply Greek yogurt on your skin before you sleep, wash your face in the morning and see the result.

Greek yogurt in keto diet

As plain Greek yogurt contains less amount of carbs, more amount of proteins and fats so, it is the best for a keto diet. You can continue your keto diet even if you can’t quit yogurt from your diet plan. Just use plain Greek yogurt which is keto-friendly and can help you lose your weight in different ways like, by reducing your appetite, by reducing the number of carbohydrates in your body and by compelling your body to use fats to perform bodily functions and get energy, thus helps in weight loss


Keeping in view the above advantages of using plain Greek yogurt during keto diet, we can conclude that the best yogurt that can be used in keto diet without misbalancing the diet plan is plain Greek yogurt. Apart from its role in weight loss Greek yogurt has many other benefits to our body. It takes care of our skin. It provide our body iodine, it makes our bones and teeth strong by providing the necessary calcium. It makes our body to perform its function by gaining energy from fats, thus burning them and causing weight loss.