super hair growth

Do you want your hairs to be thick and healthy? Do you want to make your hairs grow at super high speed? There are different factors that directly or indirectly affect the growth of our hairs to make super hair growth. They are our gender, our genes and the diet that we take. The first two factors i.e. genes ad gender are not in our control. That is, what we are. But obviously, we can control the third factor ( diet ) of our hair growth, making it grow at a super high speed.

According to research, our hairs grow almost half an inch per month or let’s say six inches per year. This growth mainly depends upon the factors that are described above. Proper nutrition is very much necessary for super hair growth. There are certain vitamins, that helps our hairs and nails in its regrowth. If those vitamins are not consumed by our body, the growth rate of our hairs slow down making them very unhealthy.

Maintaining and taking care of scalp and the hair follicles are very essential for the best growth of hairs, and that is only done by taking the right nutrients, that are necessary for proper and speedy hair growth. Below are some important food items, that contains the nutrients necessary for super hair growth.


1 : Include eggs in your diet

Proteins are the basic functional units of the scalp and hair follicles. Proteins not only helps our body to grow but also plays an important role in the formation of nails and hairs. Eggs are vital sources of proteins. Eggs contain proteins in a very sufficient amount. If the hair follicles and the scalp get a proper amount of protein and biotin, they will promote the growth of hairs with high speed. Eggs contain both the proteins and biotins.

2: Get some benefits of berries

Vitamin-C is required for the protection of hair follicles and scalp from getting damaged and berries are the perfect one in this regard. Berries provide a rich amount of vitamin C that helps to protect the hair follicles and scalp from free radicals. Free radicals mostly result in premature ageing. It also causes whiteness of hairs in younger age. Vitamin C act as a deoxidant in our body. So if you want your hairs to be healthy and grow at a super high speed then protect your hairs with vitamin C by eating berries.  

3: Take omega-3 fatty acids by including fish in your diet

Fish is not only a vital source of vitamin D but also contains omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 is very much important for the healthy growth of our hairs. In addition, vitamin D also helps in boosting hair growth and both vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids are present in the fish. Eating fish also protect us from various kinds of heart diseases like myocardial infarction ( one of the leading cause of deaths in the world ).

4 : Eat peanuts

As mentioned above, biotin is very essential for proper and super high-speed growth of hairs, peanut contains biotin, which makes the scalp and hair follicles stronger enough to promote fast hair growth. Peanut also contains some amount of proteins and antioxidants, that are very useful for the strength and protection of hairs, thus contributing to the super-high-speed growth of hairs.

5 : Include spinach in your diet

Spinach contains vitamin B that helps in hair growth. Spinach also contains iron and magnesium. Apart from these nutrients, Vitamin C is also present in spinach. Vitamin C as mentioned above has the greatest role of hair protection. Keratin level is increased by Vitamin C along with vitamin B that helps the hairs to grow at a higher speed. They also keep the scalp of our head clean.

6 : The use of potato for hair growth

Potato commonly known as the king of the vegetable can be used for many other purposes, apart from using as a food item. Potato can be used in skincare and also for proper growth of hairs. Potato juice is very much effective in stimulating the growth of hairs. Moreover, it also protects our hairs from hair loss.

Hair growth vitamins for kids

Vitamins are the complex organic compounds that our body cannot prepare. What we have to do is to include those vitamins in our diet, for faster growth of hairs. When it comes to faster hair growth of kids, it seems very interesting for some parents, who like the longer hairs of their kids.  The following are some of the vitamins that help in super hair growth of kids

Role of Vitamin A

There are many benefits that are associated with the consumption of Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps in eyesight and as well as, helps our body to grow. Keeping in view these two benefits, it seems very important to be consumed by kids to grow healthy and strong. Growth of the body includes the growth of every cell, tissue and organ of our body including hairs.

Role of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential component of hair strengthening and protecting agents. It is an important hair growth vitamin for kids. Absorption of iron is necessary for super hair growth, which is done by Vitamin C.

Role of Vitamin B

Vitamin C is also called biotin. Biotin is very important for the best and fast growth of hairs. Mostly hair fall problems are treated using biotin. It also helps in the production of red blood cells in human beings.

The Final thoughts

If you want to grow your hairs at a super high speed, then you must focus on eating a diet that provides the proper amount of proteins and vitamins. As mentioned above, proteins are the building blocks of hairs. In fact, almost every part of the body contains proteins and vitamins to perform different types of functions in hair growth. Some vitamins protect the hairs from being damaged while some stimulate the growth of hairs. So for having healthy and faster-growing hairs you must take care of your diet.