Neem oil is extracted from a tree commonly called Indian lilac. The  Presence of various nutrients and fatty acids makes it the best to be used for skin care purposes. Neem oil, due to its properties has been used in body lotions for many years. It has been the center of focus of the orthodox physicians belonging to different parts of the world for thousands of years for its usage in skincare products.

Neem oil contains calcium, antioxidants, vitamin E, limonoids, fatty acids, and some triglycerides. Since the past few decades, Neem oil has been used for the purposes of acne treatment and healing wounds. It also prevents dry skin. Neem oil also shows anti-aging properties. It is very effective in healing wrinkles, redness of the kin, and also controls excessive water loss from the skin.

Benefits of neem oil for skin

Neem oil has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties and can be used for various kinds of ailments. Neem oil is very effective in the treatment of dandruff and redness of the skin. The antifungal properties of neem oil make it the best to be used for head lice. Neem oil can also be used to cure inflammation is applied to the inflamed part of the skin sesame oil. It can be also used for the removal of blackheads on the skin. Some other important benefits of neem oil in terms of skincare are given below with their details.

  • Linoleic acid in neem oil treats minor wounds and prevent skin dryness.
  • The stearic acid in neem oil softens our skin.
  • Palmitic acids present in neem oil helps in prevention against skin aging.
  • Oleic acid also prevents the aging of the skin and is part of neem oil.
  • Vitamin E present in neem oil helps to protect our skin against air pollution.
  • Carotenoids help in the protection of our skin against Ultraviolet radiations of the sun and are an important constituent of neem oil.

1: Benefits of linoleic acid present in neem oil

Linoleic acid is also a constituent of neem oil. It is also called as omega 6. It is very effective in the treatment of minor wounds on the skin. It also prevents dryness of the skin. Linoleic acid is known to treats the acne. It also prevents the excessive loss of water and minerals in the form of sweating, thus keeping the skin healthy.

2: benefits of stearic acid in neem oil

The stearic acid can be much useful in softening the skin. It is also very useful in the protection of the scalp against the infections, thus contributing to the healthy growth of hairs. Stearic acid is considered the best for its cleansing properties, making neem oil a wonderful thing to be used for skincare purposes.

3: benefits of palmitic acid in neem oil

Palmitic acids are best known for softening of the hairs. They are actually the fatty acids in saturated form. Palmitic acids also prevents aging of the skin. It is believed that it reduces the over aging of skin by 56%. It contains the antioxidants that greatly slows down the aging process of skin.

4: benefits of oleic acid in neem oil

Oleic acids are also known as omega 9. It makes the hairs and skin soften, and contribute to our attractiveness. Like palmitic acid, it also prevents the aging of the skin. Oleic acid has been used for a longer time in healthy, stronger, and faster growth of hairs. It also heals the minor wounds in our skin, making it look fresher than usual.

5: The presence of Vitamin E in neem oil

Vitamin E is one of the best constituents of neem oil, making neem oil the best thing to be used in cosmetic substances, for the purpose of skincare. Like other antiaging substances, Vitamin E is also the best thing that be used to prevent the premature aging of the skin. It prevents the formation of wrinkles and also treats acne and minor wounds. Air pollution doesn’t directly affect our skin, but it shows some indirect negative impacts on our skin. The presence of Vitamin E in the neem oil makes it the best for skin protection against pollution.

6: The presence of carotenoids in neem oil

Carotenoids prevent our skin against the environmental pollutants, just like Vitamin E. Carotenoids also contains some antioxidant properties. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun is absorbed by the ozone layer of our atmosphere. However, our ozone is not as efficient to trap the entire Ultraviolet radiation from the sun. To avoid future complications, that could arise from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, the use of carotenoid containing, substances can be the best option, and neem oil is one of those. Carotenoids also help in keeping our skin hydrated. This makes our skin appear fresh and healthy.

Side effects of using neem oil

Generally, neem oil is considered safe to be used for skincare purposes. The extensive benefits of neem oil make it the most recommended substance to be used in cosmetics and treating some minor skin disorders. However, it can be quiet unhealthy if taken by mouth. If it is consumed in a smaller amount by adults, it doesn’t affect our health. But consuming a large amount of neem oil by mouth can be fatal in some cases. The consumption of a larger amount of neem oil by mouth can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and even death, when not taken with proper precautions.

Instructions for using neem oil

Reading the details of the benefits of neem oil for skincare, it seems very crucial to know the method of using neem oil for the purpose of skincare. Before purchasing neem oil, check if it is pure. Pure neem oil has a yellow color and gives a garlic-like smell.

Conducting a patch test is very necessary before the application of neem oil on your face. The patch test will let you know if you are allergic to its constituent. To do this, just apply neem oil on a small part of your skin. You can apply it to a part of your arm. Wait for 24 hours and see the results. If it is fine, then you can use neem oil on your entire face.


Apply some neem oil on your skin using a cotton swab. After the application of neem oil, let it be on your skin for some time. The suitable duration can be 20 to 30 minutes. This will help the neem oil work on our skin. After the time period overs, wash your face with a little warm water. Use this method on a daily basis if you want to have healthy and acne-free skin.

The parting words

Since long time, neem oil had been a natural remedy for skin disorders and as well as disorders of hairs. Due to the presence of no side effects of neem oil on the skin, it is highly recommended by the dermatologists, for skincare. The presence of a variety of beneficial chemicals in neem oil makes it the best to be used for the treatment of disorders of the skin. One of the most important benefits of using neem oil is its prevention against the aging of skin. This happens due to the presence of antioxidants in its constituents.