ABC diet plan

In ABC diet plan, the term ABC is an abbreviated form of Ana boot camp. In ABC diet the number of calories consumed is over reduced for 50 days for losing more number of kilograms. This results in the extreme loss of weight. After completing the 50 days plan the person gradually moves towards his normal diet. When the number of calories given to the body is reduced our body works against the process and slow down its metabolic functions to ensure the minimum expenditure of energy, as the total amount of energy is already very low.

In this situation, our body tends to avoid loss of weight. So in order to lose the weight the person keeps himself active to spend more energy and use more calories than the amount of calories he is providing to his body per day. This makes our body burn our fats and muscles and results in extreme weight loss. In this diet plan, you take a very number of calories than the calories required for your body.

Results of ABC diet plan

ABC diet plan results are extremely severe. It can cause various kinds of curable and incurable diseases. Our body needs almost 1200 calories per day while in ABC diet plan the person goes totally against the recommended amount of calories per day which is very dangerous for our health.  Ana boot camp plan is normally considered the most unhealthy diet plan.

Its positive result like weight loss is mostly for a short term but its negative results like the not proper functioning of absorption of nutrients by intestines and various other kinds of diseases can be for long term and more problematic. This diet plan decreases our weight at a very greater rate, which can prove very harmful for our health.

ABC diet meal plan

ABC diet meal plan focuses on the consumption of a particular amount of calories per day in your meal. The amount is very low per body requirements but this is done for the purpose of reduction of weight at a greater speed. Even the person has to remain hungry for some days with breaks during the 50 days plan and still, he or she have to keep themselves physically active, so that in the absence of proper amount of calories, their bodies could burn the fats and muscles to reduce weight. The ABC diet meal plan is scheduled for 50 days.

 Initially, the person consumes only 800 calories per day in his meals. Some days he has to consume only 100 and 200 calories during his meal while .some days, he consumes 400 to 500 calories per day in his meal. Apart from this the person also has to keep fast for a few days taking the breaks in between those days. This whole starvation lasts for 50 days, after which the person comes back to his normal diet.

Dangers and alternatives of ABC diet plan

ABC diet plan can be called as an unhealthy and unsuitable diet plan. It destroys the body internally and externally. It is very effective for weight loss, but just weight loss is not as much necessary than being in good health. ABC diet plan encourages the burning of already least amount of calories present in the body. ABC diet plan weakens the immune system of the person. It causes various kinds of infectious and digestive disorders.

Some of the other risks associated with following the ABC plan are given below.

  1. ABC diet plan causes abdominal pain.
  2. It highly decreases the blood sugar level.
  3. This diet plan can also cause hypothermia.
  4. Researches had shown that those persons who follow ABC diet plan are more likely to commit suicide.
  5. It decreases blood pressure also.

A healthy diet should consist of all the nutrients in proper amount and the total calories our body receives must meet our body’s daily requirements and that’s the exact point where the ABC diet plan fails. To overcome the drawback, one should adopt a healthy diet plan, that could help in weight reduction without neglecting the health. Some best alternatives, that can be used instead of keeping yourself at starvation mode for 50 days include Mediterranean diet and intermittent fasting.

Mediterranean diet

It is a diet that focuses on the consumption of a high amount of vegetables and olive oil and moderate amount of proteins. In this diet, the foods we have to eat more includes olive oil, seafood, fish, herbs, bread and whole grains. The food that is eaten in moderate amount includes yogurt, cheese eggs and poultry. And the food that is eaten in a very less amount is red meat.

Intermittent fasting

It is skipping some of the meals in a weak. The meals are skipped but still, it is made sure the person is taking the right amount of calories. To keep the weight under control while not being unhealthy. This is highly recommended, as it doesn’t have any bad effect on our bodies. It reduces weight but keeps us healthy, making it much better than following the ABC diet plan.

The final words

ABC diet plan can be very effective when it comes to weight loss. This diet plan highly burns the fats and then burn muscles, thus causing the reduction of weight. Apart from its apparent benefit of weight loss ABC diet plan is a point of extreme which can also lead you to a hospital ward. Therefore, before starting the plan one should care for his weight, gender and age and only start the plan if it is recommended by your doctor. Otherwise, try some other alternatives like the Mediterranean diet etc. The ABC diet plan is not the most recommended option. But if you are in search of a particular diet plan that can reduce weight quickly, then must go for it. No doubt, ABC diet plan is the shortest technique in terms of weight loss. But still, you should remember that your health is more important.