health benefits of coffee

Usually, when we think of coffee, we associate it with something that is caffeinated. Apart from coffee being a caffeinated substance, there are also lots of health benefits of coffee. One of the major benefits of coffee are that it protects against various kinds of diseases, like diseases associated with the heart and brain diseases. Coffee contains various kinds of antioxidants, that help in the curing of inflammation in the hollow organs of our body, like throat,t etc. One of the most important health benefits of coffee is that it keeps our fight or flight hormone in balance. Coffee is also very effective in terms of weight loss.

According to research, South America is the largest producer of coffee in the world. South America produces dry coffee and as well as liquid coffee. Both types of coffees make almost 9.37 billion dollars and 2.66 billion dollars respectively. About, 170.94 millions 60 kg bags of coffee are produced annually across the globe. The Netherlands is generally, considered to be the greatest consumer of coffee in the world. This huge production and consumption of coffee prove its needs and importance in the lives of individuals.

Some important benefits of coffee

These are some of the important health benefits of coffee are given below in detail.

  • Protection against diseases
  • Coffee makes you active and reduces stress
  • Benefits of coffee in terms of weight loss
  • Benefits of coffee for skin
  • Protection of liver

1: Protection against diseases

According to various modern researches, those individuals who consumed coffee in their diet often, were more protected from different kinds of diseases, like different kinds of heart diseases, bacterial and viral infections, diabetes, stroke and diseases that are associated with kidneys. One of the major disease of the brain is Parkinson disease, that incredibly diminishes the memory power. Taking coffee regularly also protect us against Parkinson disease, that is also one of the best healthy benefit of taking coffee.

2: Coffee makes you active and reduces stress

Taking some sips of coffee can be wonderful in terms of stress reducing. Coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine enhance our mood and make us physically and mentally active by increasing the level of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain, and that’s one of the healthy benefit of coffee. According to modern researches taking coffee had reduced the number of suicides in different parts of the world. The caffeine, being the best stress reliever, can still cause a negative impact on your body if it is exceeded above 400 mg per day. Taking coffee make our metabolism more efficient.

3: Benefits of coffee in terms of weight loss

According to nutritionists, taking coffee regularly can help you loss your weight at a very faster rate. Some nutritionists consider coffee more effective and efficient than exercise in terms of weight loss. Caffeine plays an important role in burning fats, thus maintaining a healthy body weight. According to some researches, coffee helps in fats burning about 40 %.  About more than 30 % of total population of the Unites States uses caffeine for weight loss, due its faster effect than any other substance.

4: Benefits of coffee for skin

The list of healthy benefits of coffee doesn’t ends here. Coffee also have lots of benefits for skin. Free radicals cause damages to our skin. The antioxidants, that are present in coffee combat those free radicals, thus protecting the skin. The caffeine, present in the coffee dilate the blood vessels, that are present below the skin.  This dilation of the blood vessels greatly improve the blood circulation in the body. Due to the presence of antioxidants caffeine in coffee prevent aging. Taking coffee is also very much effective in removing the dark circles around the eyes, removing of acne and treatment of inflammation.

5: Protection of liver

Coffee protect the liver from different kinds of diseases, the most dangerous of which are liver cancer and cirrhosis, in which the liver is almost dead and non functional. According to a research, taking four cups of coffee reduces the risk of cirrhosis by 70 %. Coffee also protects the liver from other diseases that include, fibrosis, and hepatitis B and C. Taking coffee reduces the risk of liver cancer by  40 %.

Taking coffee on an empty stomach

There are some people in our society, who after getting up in the morning, take coffee before they take the breakfast. Apart from all the healthy benefits of coffee that are mentioned above, there are also negative impacts of coffee on our body, if it is taken on an empty stomach.  Taking coffee on an empty stomach causes indigestion and stomach burn. Taking coffee when your stomach is empty, increases acidity in the stomach. As the food isn’t available there, so more acidity results in digestive disorders

The final thought

Finally, we have covered some of the best health benefits of taking coffee. Taking caffeine is completely normal, as long as you take it in a moderate amount. Different nutritionists have recommended coffee for faster weight loss and skin treatments. The antioxidants in coffee greatly help in fighting free radicals. However, taking coffee maybe your favorite thing, but you should only take coffee at the right time, to make sure you are not affecting your health negatively with caffeinated coffee.