17 Day Diet Food List

17 Day Diet Food List is the part of Dr Mike Moreno’s 17 Day Diet plan. Dr Mike Moreno’s 17 Day Diet is the popular weight loss program that started in 2018. It is also known as 7 days diet plan because you can lose up 10 to 12 pounds of weight in just only 17 days.

17 Day Diet Food List 

17 Day Diet Food List consists of 4 cycles. These are also called ” four cycles of the 17 Day Diet”.

These cycles are: 

  • Accelerate (increase protein intake, digestive health, reduce sugar and sweets)
  • Activate (lower and higher calories days, alternate day fasting)
  • Achieve (achieve healthy eating habits)
  • Arrive (follow all first three stages for the rest of other days)

Foods to Eat on four cycles of the 17 Day Diet

1) Accelerate cycle food list 

1) Fish and poultry 

Fishes and chicken from poultry are the best tries to accelerate your body to meet high proteins, reduce sugar, and improve metabolism.

2) Green and non-starchy vegetables 

Another item in the accelerated cycle food list is the green vegetables with no starch. Thousands of vegetables can bring more energy to accelerate our body to eat different stuff. These vegetables are carrots, green beans, broccoli, peppers, cucumber, cabbage, tomato, all green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and more.

3) Probiotic foods 

Probiotic foods are those kinds of useful foods with useful bacteria. These kinds of foods keep our gut healthy and improve our digestive system. Low-fat yogurt, milk, ok sugar-free foods are examples of probiotic foods.

4) low sugar fruits 

Low sugar and sweet fruits are the best fruits to increase stamina and achieve a good ratio of protein. Apples, grapefruits, pears, red grapes, plums are the best food with low sugar.

5) Oil and Condiments 

Olive and flaxseed oil earth the best choice in the first week of the 17-day diet plan. Both of the Oils have lots of benefits to use. Along with that Condiments can also be helpful to improve the digestive system, maintain body metabolism.

Condiments are those spice which is used to enhance the flavor of any food. It is mostly used to make taste for dinner.

Salsa, jams (sugar-free), fat-free salad, pepper, salt, herbs, and low carb spices are a great example of Condiments.

2) Activate cycle food list 

Activate cycle is 2nd 17-day diet plan. In the cycle, lower and higher calories are maintained. Different root vegetables, high starch carbs, and grains are mostly used along with these here is the list of 17-day diet plan activate cycle.

1) Shellfish 

Some of the selfish found in freshwater such as Crabs, oysters, clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops are the best choice to activate your body to get healthy fats and boost the immune system.

2) Grains

Grains are the best foods to get healthy fats with maintaining proteins. Some of the grains are useful to eat during activation days off the diet plan. These grains are Barley (pearled), quinoa, bulgur, couscous, brown rice, Amaranth, cream of wheat, basmati rice, old-fashioned oatmeal, grits, millet oat bran.

3) Beef 

People of various kinds like lean ground beef, flank, top round, top loin, op sirloin.

3) Achieve cycle food list 

Achieve cycle food list of a 17-day diet plan is design to achieve healthy eating habits and eat a variety of different foods and vegetables. Here you are not allowed to eat any kind of wider variety of carbon sources such as high fiber or any kind of fresh fruit or vegetable.

Here is the list of foods that you should eat in achieve cycle 

1) Meats And bread 

All types of soft meat such as Cornish hen, turkey bacon quail pheasant, and Canadian bacon along with lunch meat. Sugar-free bread is the best choice for achieving any goal of eating good stuff. There are are some of the bread that must be eating at this stage Cracked-wheat, pita pocket, gluten-free, whole-grain bagel, rye bread, and oat-bran.

2) Noodles and pasta 

All types of vegetable-based and high fiber pasta are the best choices to eat. If you have Whole-wheat pasta then you can also eat it. Vegetables all types of vegetables from activating and accelerate cycle can be eaten in the achieve cycle.

3) High fiber cereals 

High fiber cereals with low sugar carbs are essential food in this list.

4) Arrive Cycle Food List 

All the above mention foods are accelerating, achieve can activate cycle should be eaten by every 7-day diet plan user from Friday dinner to Sunday dinner.