Health is something which we easy for granted and when we losing it we realized its importance. If you want to live a happy and healthy (disease-free) life you have to maintain the homeostatic of your body,  but the question arises how can we maintain our health? We can maintain health by our eating habits, by taking a nutritional diet that full fill the nutrition requirements of our body, by healthy physical activates.

[A healthy body breeds a healthy mind and vice versa]unknown.

By this quote, we understand that there are two major types of healthy mental and physical and they are interconnected with one and another. We can maintain our health by following the standard guidelines provided by health officials, doctors. Here we are going to discuss these guidelines or components which are important for health maintenance.

These Are Tips To Maintain Health

1: Having Healthy Diet:-

What we eat closely link to our health. balance nutrients are useful to maintain good health. vegetables and fruits should be part of our diet. They contain essential minerals, vitamins, nutrients, fibres that can not synthesis in our body but these nutrients are important for the normal functioning of the body, Fibers are essential for digestion and reduce risk of many diseases, such as heart attack and cancer. Remember an apple in a day keeps the doctor away.

2: Low-Fat Diet

Fats are of two types good and bad in scientific language good fats are known as unsaturated fat and bad are known as saturated. unsaturated fats are good because they are liquid on room temperature and really necessary for the absorption of some vitamins like A, D, E, K these are fat-soluble vitamins, for the shine of hairs, we store energy in the form of fat during starvation condition we burn these fat and full fill our energy needs, the fat keeps our body warm and protect our body organs this fatty layer below our skin prevents the growth of bacteria and protect us from harmful bacteria’s.

3: Water Intake:-

Water is a universal solvent. Water intake is very necessary to maintain proper body functions. Water is the main component of saliva. saliva contains 98%,  water 2% other components like enzymes, mucus, and electrolytes. Water regulates our body temperature, excrete out waste from our body, maintains blood pressure, helps in brain function, helps in nutrient absorption, prevents constipation, Maintains the glow of skin, and so on. Low intake of water cause dehydration and due to dehydration severe complications occur.

such as

  1. welling in your brain
  2. kidney failure
  3. seizures

4: Add Meat, Whole Grains, And Dairy Products:-

We all know that protein is a building block of our body. They do most of the work require for structure, function, and regulation of the body’s tissues and organs bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood everything protein and we can get protein from Meat whole grains and milk are a good source of protein. But try to take low-fat meat dairy products.

5: Junk Food:-

If you really want to maintain a healthy life try to avoid junk food. Junk food contains low nutrients high concentration of saturated fatty acids. Saturated fat is bad from health it became solid at room temperature. It blocks arteries and vein and a major cause of obesity, fatty and week body.

6: Exercise:-

Do you want a fit and healthy body? but how? For fit and healthy body exercise is really important. Through exercise we maintain help to maintain many body function through the exercise we maintain blood sugar level (type II diabetes), reduce risk of heart attack, improve muscle strength, and improve brain function, enhance the immune system, We can burn fat, increase the blood circulation maintain blood pressure, reduce the risk of cancer and many diseases.

7: Smoking:-

Smoking, alcohol consumption, and all drugs are really really bad for our health. Smoking is a major cause of lung cancer, alcohol, and all drugs cause toxicity and they suppress many hormones function, and then it’s difficult for our body to maintain all functions properly.

8: Fun Time:-

Do the things that make u happy like spend quality of time with your family or people you love to talk, spend some time with yourself, read some good books, sketching, do some healthy dissection with peoples on a different topic, do something in which you are good and feel happy to do those works like singing, listening music, sketching, writing, cooking, some time try to think and do something out of the box.

9: Sleeping:-

Good sleep is really necessary to maintain our mental and physical health. We think during the ping time the brain became shut off but this is not true our body regulates the main function during the even many studies show that our brain more function during sleeping time. A proper sleep maintains out mantel health and lowers the risk of heart attack blood pressure, kidney failure. After proper rest, we feel happy and energetic.

10: Traveling:-

A constant environment constant stay in a particular place with particular people is also exhausting. So it’s really to go to different places to make new friends or see the beauty of the world.

11: Stay Clean, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe

Don’t forgot to wash your hands before eating anything and clear the place where you are living, eat unhygienic food, wash vegetable fruits properly, and cook them properly.